Post 2: The use of Strike Teams

I read a blog post by the people at Chaotic Good Programming and they talked about how they began to use Strike Teams at their work place. I’ve never heard of strike teams besides some fake ones in video games or something like that. The blog talks about the problems that bringing in Strike teams caused at first since bringing in new systems will always have some kinks in the beginning. The post says a strike team is “an idea that for projects that require expertise not found on any individual team, you pull in a person or two from multiple different teams to get all of the correct skills on a single team”. The idea is pretty interesting, lets say you’re working on a project and you need to put in physics into it and no one in your group is an expert on physics, you can grab someone from another group and put them on your team so you have a team with all the aspects to make your work the best it can be. There is problems though, they initially talk about cohesion when you pull someone which is true since if you’re not familiar with a person, then you might not be on the same page most of the time. Another problem was finding out who was gonna be involved on certain topic and when the end date was gonna be. Another problem was when was the start date gonna be, there are so many different teams that finding a start date to work with everyone was pretty difficult so they ended up doing a rolling start. Finally, the last problem they said was not to the strike team concept but to particular organization. They needed to construct meetings with people from across the country which was hard with the time constraints, so they left it to the IT of the place to re-arrange things to make it work. They finished by saying they are excited to see how this works out.

The reason I picked this blog post was because I found it as an interesting new concept that could be implemented at a future workplace that I’m at. The idea to me seems smart, get everyone on a team that can work on a task very well so they can get it done quick and the best it can be. It was also nice to see that this group was able to find solutions to each of the problems of the new system pretty quickly it seemed so they could get their projected off to a good start. I hope they post in the future on how this “Strike Team” system goes for them and their project and if they will continue to do this. I also wonder how it efficient it will be compared to their old system of doing things. I was able to learn what a strike team was by this post and how it works and some of the complications that come with it, I hope if I ever run into “Strike Teams” at future employers that they have been a thing for a while and are the best system it can be. Thank you for reading my blog post reflection on Chaotic Good Programming’s blog post on “Strike Teams”


My First Blog Post

Hello fellow readers,

This is my blog for my upcoming course for one of my computer science courses. If you are curious why I named my blog “Bendersons Blog”, it is because it is a combination of my first and last name. I’m very excited to start going to work at this course do to the fact that it is my major and I’m kind of getting to the juicy parts of computer science I feel. Since I’m taking this software course, it tells you I choose to go down the software branch of the major instead of the Big Data one. I choose software because it intrigues me more, I want to make programs that could potentially maybe change how the world works one day. I watch this funny show on HBO called Silicon Valley and SPOILER ALERT, in the most recent season they are working on trying to create a new internet. The idea of a new internet boggles my mind but in theory it sounds very interesting. One day we could have battling Internets just like google and Mozilla battle for people to use there browsers or how windows and ios compete for people to use their respect operating systems. Its my goal to make a difference in the world through making software. Thank you for reading my first blog post, I will have more to post in the future!