Blog 7: Error reserving enough space for object heap in Java response

In today’s blog, I read the blog by Java2Blog which is a blog about java problems and other java frameworks and techniques. This post by them talks about how you could get an error for not reserving enough space for an object heap in Java.

First they go over a cause of this error, obviously though the first cause is that you ran your Java program without specifying a heap size which will cause you to get an error. The error would say something along the lines of “Could not reserve enough space for object heap”. The blog also tells you that you will encounter this error more in 32 bit JVM (meaning Java Virtual Machine) than in 64 bit JVM. The blog goes over the reason of this error which is 32-bit Java needs contiguous free space in memory to run the program. Then the fix for this problem is by running Java with a lower heap size and then it gives you a line of code you could use.

The next cause of error is specifying too large memory with -Xmx option on 32-bit VM. The fix for this issue is just lowering the heap size with a single line of code said in the blog. Lastly, the last cause of this error is if you specify a large heap size more than physical memory available on either 64-bit or 32-bit. The way you fix this problem is by again running a single line of code provided in the blog post which I will leave a link to at the bottom for you to check out. The last part of the blog covers certain fixes for Linux and Windows and just a conclusion of the whole thing.

The reason I choose this blog is not only because it relates to Java programming but that it also may come up in my future while I’m working in computer science, who knows that if I’m in IT somewhere in the future or some other computer job that has this problem and I’m one of the only people to know how to fix it. That would probably get me a lot of brownie points at my job which is really nice. Also this blog was well written and straight to its point. Gives you three causes for a problem and gives you the solution to each of them which is really helpful to understand. Java is a very vast programming language and remembering everything about it is hard so getting little reminders of how everything works is always nice. They aren’t joking when they say “Java programming language” because it really is like a whole other language and so is the other programming languages, you got to know every little thing about them or you screw up and everything is wrong. That is my little sidetrack on programming languages but back to the blog, I remember hearing about heaps in my intro. to programming class freshman year and I think we did a little thing with them but not much but hey, the more you know can’t hurt when it comes to programming. Thank you for reading this weeks programming talk with me, come back next week for more.



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