Sprint Review Blog #1

Hello and welcome back to benderson’s blog! This week I will discuss all the events that occurred through my teams first sprint in our Software Capstone. Our sprint started on February 7th and ends today February 19th. Since it is our first sprint, we were just working out the kinks and getting the basic things done for our food pantry project that we are working on for our school. This week we tried setting up basic slack channels, a trello board and a github group so our group could work together and get tasks done fast and efficiently. There are five members in my group all together and we all are going to give our best to this project. Besides the basics we weren’t able to really do anything this sprint since it is very early on and we don’t really have much to work off of. Actually today we got some specifications from the client that they want in the API of the software we are making so we will be able to proceed next sprint on those tasks. Something that we were asked to do that we weren’t able to finish was creating a REST API. We didn’t really know how to approach this, especially since we were notified that the REST API may become obsolete since the client may have something for us to use in the end.

A couple of sources that we used for the first sprint were: https://catalog.data.gov/dataset/fsis-foodkeeper-data      https://github.com/google/gson

The first link is a link to a food pantry type program that helps their users understand how to maximize the freshness and quality of the food items in their pantries. The reason we looked at this particular application was to get some ideas for our own food pantry software that we are going to have to make for the project and figure out what are the bear minimums we would need to have a successful application for the food pantry at school. Later on, after we have all the bear minimums for our food pantry application, we would add more features that are required by the client that we are working with. The second link is to a github project that will lead us to be able to parse a JSON file that we got from the food pantry client, this will allow us to separate the items and make the JSON file more readable and usable for our application.

This sprint provided both some easy tasks and some tasks that required some research and team communication and even though they weren’t all completed, I’m still happy with the progress that my group is making on our project. Getting the REST API and parsing the JSON file is next on the backlog to complete hopefully by the end of next sprint. Next sprint, my team and I will come out like the bulls in the bull run in Spain and try our best to get the next tasks on the next sprint done as fast and with the most quality as possible. Something I think we could approve on for the next sprint is to maybe stay on task a little more when working in class but other than that I think we did the best we could for this sprint. Something I found cool about this sprint and this project as a whole was the stand-ups that we have to do for our groups in slack which is a very interesting way to tell the members of our group how we are doing on the project and what could be impeding our progress. Thank you for joining me this week on benderson’s blog, I’ll see you next time.

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