Apprenticeship Blogs: Draw Your Own Map

Hello and welcome back to benderson’s blog! On this edition of benderson’s blog, we will be discussing another pattern from the Apprenticeship Pattern book that contains many patterns that influence a computer scientist and how they should approach certain obstacles in their career. The one I chose today is called “Draw Your Own Map” which discusses the problem of your employer not having the career path that you want to do or fits your plan in your career. This really impedes your production to reaching your future goals and becoming the best you can be. The solution that the book provides includes identifying the next step for your career and what you think should is the next stop on your path to becoming the best programmer you can be. If your job doesn’t meet your vision that you have yourself then you should start to seek other opportunities where you feel that it does meet your vision. You should also reassess your map as your journey changes, you may run into obstacles that are too big for you and you want to take detour, or something just isn’t right to you and you want to try something else. There is no map that is always right as changes always happen. The action the pattern suggest is to web storm where each of your jobs go and see if that map is good for you and fits all your goals if not keep trying until you get a map that does.

The reason I choose this pattern for this week is because as a Senior computer science major, I don’t really know what my map looks like right now. I work at a grocery store and I know that doesn’t have anything to do with computer science so once I find my first job in the computer science field, then I will be able to draw a map to see where I could end up. I could draw a map now but I don’t know exactly what I want to do after college yet. Since I’m a software concentration major, I would want to do something with software and software development but will see what happens when I start job hunting. My big goal in life is to create something revolutionary that changes how people perceive technology and apps, another big goal of mine would be working on video games at a company such as Microsoft or Sony. My map hasn’t been fully made yet but for sure one day I will be able to create it and find my journey as a computer science major. Thank you for joining me this week on benderson’s blog!

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