Apprenticeship Pattern Blog: Find Mentors

Hello and welcome back to benderson’s blog! This week are going to discuss another apprenticeship pattern from the Apprenticeship Pattern book that my classmates and I have been reading and taking notes from. The pattern that I would like to discuss today is “Find Mentors”, which is a kind of a self-explanatory pattern. It follows the rule of “If you hit a roadblock and need help, ask some to be there apprentice and work under them and learn from them”. You’re not a master at the craft yet and at some points you don’t know what to do next, one of the best things you can do is find someone that has already gone through the process and you can ask them questions on what they did and how you should approach your future. I have a friend actually that graduated from Worcester State with a Computer Science degree, where I plan to graduate this coming May and also graduate with a Computer Science degree, and I asked him a bunch of questions regarding what he did after graduating and what are the steps I should take so I can get a well paying job and be able to be successful for the coming years. He gave me some pointers and what I should know for interviews and stuff so he was very helpful in that sense, still finding internships and job opportunities will be a challenge in them selves but I will cross that bridge when they come.

The pattern itself wasn’t really thought provoking because as I said earlier, finding a mentor is kind of self-explanatory. You got there, find someone you consider to be really good at the craft and you ask them if you could learn from them if you aren’t too intimidated by them. If you’re too intimidated by them, just ask them out to lunch or something and generate questions to find out what you can do to better yourself in the craft. This pattern could honestly be used for many different subjects such as business, teaching or being a doctor. All those jobs have people learning under people that have already mastered the craft and are willing to teach them so they can succeed them when they retire. The pattern has not caused me to change the way I think about my major as I know one day, I will have to find a job such as an internship and learn from my experiences there, hopefully from someone really good at computer science and willing to share information with me. Finding a mentor is just one step in the journey to becoming one of the best computer scientists out there as to become the best, you have to learn from the best. Thank you for joining me this week on benderson’s blog!

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