Apprenticeship Patterns: Sustainable Motivations

Hello and welcome back to Benderson’s blog! This is the last week of a blog being about an apprenticeship pattern and did I pick a good one for the last one. The apprenticeship pattern that we are talking about today is called “Sustainable Motivations”. As a person who has had motivation issues through his life, finding a job after college is another challenge for me to motivate myself to get my resume out there and try to get a job close by but that isn’t specifically what this apprenticeship pattern is about. “Sustainable Motivations” mostly talks about how while at a job, if you’re not able to do a task your way because the consumer wants it done a certain way even though it could be done easier or faster doing something else. This may make you hate your job because you are just doing what ever your job is telling you to do when your whole life you have been doing your coding on your own accord. The pattern gives three different scenarios in which a lack of motivation could come and they mostly focused on the money being what keeps people around. That is one of the big reasons I went into computer science because I knew the money would be good and the other reason was that I have always loved computers. My dad has always had a saying that if you don’t like going to your job, then it isn’t the job for you which can be true for some people but if I believe if I’m making a decent amount of money, I can tough up if I don’t enjoy my job. The solution to the problem at hand is just writing down a bunch of sentences stating why you’re motivated and you read them over and over and hopefully you become more motivated.

This apprenticeship pattern is another one that is closely related to where I am right now with going into the computer science field. My biggest fear is not knowing enough to do a job and only working for about a week and then getting fired but another fear of mine is that I won’t like my job and that I will want to quit and have to maybe find another job in another field. Hopefully that doesn’t happen and I can use this pattern to my advantage and write down the many reasons why I wanted to work in the computer science field in the first place. The money that I will be making will not be a problem to me after seeing what most computer scientists are making now a days, I have a lot of dreams and aspirations of being well off in money and being able to do a lot of things with the money I make through my job and I know computer science is a great pathway to those dreams. Remember, if you’re lacking motivation, write down some sentences to why you chose to do what you do and hopefully you will find motivation in that. Thank you for joining me on Benderson’s blog this week, have a great week!

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