Sprint Review #5

Hello and welcome back to Benderson’s blog! This week we will be discussing another sprint that occurred in my software capstone class at Worcester State. We are slowly coming to a close on the semester and my final couple weeks at Worcester State as I will be graduating near the middle of May. With only one sprint left after the one we just concluded, we really need to crack down and get everything we need done so we don’t disappoint the food pantry workers. We have mostly everything needed done for the project. We are just finishing up the intake form, making it look pretty with the basic features. Near the end of this sprint though, we got a lot of requests from the other food pantry group in the other class to add more features to the intake form. Some of the features they want are to add a zip code, optional field for ethnicity, optional field for gender, add an address field, add how old the family members are, etc. In my opinion, I think some these features are not needed but can be something that we can add later on after we get all the necessities done. Our group has been hard at work the whole semester to get this project done and we can see the finish line in the distance so we are very excited to get this project to the food pantry for them to see and hopefully they will like it a lot.

During this sprint, I was working on the tasks that were assigned to us and making sure everything is organized and everyone was working on something. You might say I was the manager of the group and doing some work with them as well. Nate was continuing to code in webstorm trying to get the CSS to show up nicely and also was trying to add some of the features that were wanted by the other food pantry group into the intake form. Nick was also doing the same thing but with other tasks, we ran into some road blocks along the way as our program wouldn’t work sometimes and would crash the system making us reboot webstorm. Other times, it was our fault that it wasn’t working as we had some minor code errors in the code that we had to find ourselves but recently our program has been working but not to our standards which we will have to fix during final sprint. Johnny was working on organizing the github board, making sure that each task has a description to it and if it should be closed or not. He also has done most of the communication with the other class, making sure we are on the same page for the project. Andy is working on the back end and is also working on the Foodkeeper API and he has been working diligently every class that we have been working on the project.

We are in the final sprint (no pun intended) and are years as a computer science student are coming to a close. This project will be the last thing that we have accomplished at Worcester State university and we are excited to get it out there. All our years of hard work have come down to this moment and we can’t wait to make Worcester State proud. Thank you for joining Benderson’s blog this week, I’ll see you for the final sprint review when the time comes.

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