Sprint Review Blog #2

Hello and welcome back to Benderson’s blog, this week I am going to talk about the conclusion of my second sprint with my team in my Computer Science class at Worcester State. My team and I are working on creating an application for the food pantry that just opened on campus that will help them have a fluent and easily done job without having to do things manually like keeping track of inventory and who is coming and going at the food pantry. During the recent sprint we just had we were doing more and more research on food pantries and exactly what they need to succeed in this environment. We had a couple members try to figure out how to make the back end API for the food pantry where we can read the information they gave us in a JSON file. We are all working hard on getting this project rolling on a constant steady pace so we can provide the food pantry workers with what they want.

About two weeks ago from this post, a worker from the food pantry came to our classroom and explained what is going on at the food pantry and what they will need to succeed. She brought in a sheet that explained what people need to provide so they can have a membership at the food pantry and that they can take out food. Some of the rules of the food pantry is that you can only come once a week and only take a certain amount of food out at a time. Some of the information you have to fill out before you can take the food are: Your student ID number from Worcester State, check if you have any of the following supplemental services, assistance in applying for SNAP, current housing situation and income/number of household members. Our group is confident in our ability of taking all these variable and putting them into an application for the food pantry to use. Also another thing they said they do is they don’t keep track of inventory by item but they keep track of inventory by the weight of everything in there, they gave us their current weight that they have and told us if people take out stuff they weigh it and subtract it from the current total and that is how they have been keeping track of the inventory.

The meeting with the food pantry worker was very informative and was able to propel our productivity by a lot because before then we were just working on basic set up stuff but now we have actual tasks to do for this project. One of my fellow teammates is working on the design of the interface they would use for the food pantry which will be good to have for a basis. Once we have a base product working, we will reach out to the food pantry workers and see if this would be something they would like and if not, we will go back to the drawing board and keep working on it. Another thing my group and I want to do is actually go to the food pantry and see what it looks like, maybe get some more ideas and ask them if certain things would be easier if we did things in a different way. Just some small things to consider for when we do the final product and show it to them and their needs. Well that concludes this week of Benderson’s blog, join back next week for some more information about sprints.